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Policies in Play: reclaiming livelihoods and heritage

date. 2022

place. Ernakulam market, Kochi, Kerala, India

description. Student fieldwork

team. Karl Vidvuds Schulz, Stine Kronsted Pedersen, Ami Kiran Joshi and Aditi Vijay Patil (NTNU), with the help of Moreblessing Chipangura and Eric Hubbard (UCT). 

This student project analyses the redevelopment of the Ernakulam Market through a critical lens. It looks at the case in a contextual setting, discussing how this will affect the urban dynamics on the multiplicity of scales in which the market operates.

Furthermore, it discusses market redevelopment as a part of global tendencies in urban development.

Lastly, it discusses alternative planning pathways that can include multi-level governance structures and most importantly, that can respond to the networks, relations, logic, as well as the history, and stories that make up the daily life of the city.

Visualise the full project report here

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