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Reviving social and ecological vibrancy

date. 2022

place. Sandakhulam, Kochi, Kerala, India

description. Student fieldwork

team.  Sharanya Hoskote Bhavani Shankar, My An Dinh, Miguel Angel Rosas Jimenez and Chowdhury Ferdoushi Hossain Suhi (NTNU), with the help of Kezia Ros Fortuin (UCT). 

This student project is concerned about how ecological vulnerability has become a global issue, as the ecology of the
planet is being disrupted day after day.

The absence of wise environmental management, inadequate use of resources, poor urban policy and design that disregards contextual and environmental aspects have contributed to the ecological vulnerability of the urban site. Ecological Vulnerability is the sensitivity of people, places, ecosystems, and species to stress or perturbation.
This also includes the resilience of the exposed people, places, ecosystems, and species in terms of their capacity to absorb shocks and perturbations while maintaining function.

Visualise the full project report here

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